The Frank Sinatra/Harry James Sessions

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The Frank Sinatra/Harry James Sessions

Postby tonyd » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:17 pm

In 1939 Frank Sinatra laid down his first commercial recordings with The Harry James Orchestra.He was 23 years old.Already you can hear his attention to the lyric.He recorded 10 songs at these sessions including what is called his first hit "All Or Nothing At All".It actually didn't become a hit until 1943,4 years later.He would record this song 4 times.Here is a list of the Sinatra/James Sessions:

1.From The Bottom Of My Heart-7/13/39
2.Melancholy Mood-7/13/39
3.My Buddy-8/17/39
4.It's Funny To Everyone But Me-8/17/39
5.Here Come The Night-8/31/39
6.All Or Nothing At All-8/31/39
7.On A Little Street In Singapore-10/13/39
8.Who Told You I Cared?-10/13/39
10.Every Day Of My Life-11/8/39

Note:I recently saw the 78 rpm recording of "From The Bottom Of My Heart" (Sinatra's first commercial recording)for sale on the internet-$4,000.
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