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Postby Ozgun » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:49 pm

Hello! I am Ozgun and I run thefranksinatra.com and its forums.

I am 23 years old and if there is anything in the world that i am passionate about, it is Frank Sinatra. I have heard of him about 5 years ago, and for the last 3 years I consider myself as a serious listener.

My Way, Summer Wind, Love's Been Good To Me were the first songs i found when I googled him 5 years ago. His voice was truly amazing, and I just could not believe that it was so good. I remember thinking "This is the artist I want to listen. Real art from a real man. Sinatra will be my constant in music.", and so it went.

There were times I listened to "Singing In The Rain" thinking that it was Sinatra, but later I found out that it was not.
Then I found some songs from Dorsey era and I said "No, this is not Sinatra. This voice is someone else's." 2 years later, Dorsey era has become my favourite.

Then started the will to have as many albums as possible. And I wanted to have some concerts! When I had my hands on 200+ audio concerts and 50+ video concerts last year, I had one of the best feelings ever. This showed me that he was not a limited artist, but an artist with thousands of songs to listen to, and I think this is one of the greatest things about Sinatra. We are never complete, or it is never enough. Always something to discover.

I think being young is both a disadvantage and an advantage here. The biggest negative side is that I have never seen Sinatra. I was a 9 year old kid when he died. Never aware of him. I never witnessed any concerts, album releases. Never lived that thrill. Never had and probably will have a chance to sit with an old man in a bar, drink and talk about Sinatra, listen to the man's feelings and experiences.

But the good side of being young is that there is a whole world of Sinatra to be discovered. Taking time, focusing on things, doing research, trying to help people that know less than me. I can do this for a long time.

This site will be up for the following 50 years if I may live that long. We might move to another site or change things, but whatever we write here, it will still be on the internet half a century later.

Hope we all enjoy this place.
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