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Frank Sinatra/Harry James-Live

Postby tonyd » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:53 pm

Here is a list of songs Frank Sinatra sang live with Harry James in 1939 and where you can find them:

Stardust-7/8/39,at Roseland Ballroom,New York
Wishing Will Make It So-7/8/39,at Roseland Ballroom,New York
If I Didn't Care-7/10/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
The Lamp Is Low-7/10/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
My Love For You-7/24/39,Marine Ballroom,Atlantic City
Moon Love-8/10/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
This Is No Dream-8/10/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
Can be found:CD CK66377 Columbia Legacy-Harry James And His Orchestra Featuring Frank Sinatra-The Complete Recordings

My Buddy-8/10/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
All Or Nothing At All-8/31/39,New York World's Fair,Flushing,N.Y.
From The Bottom Of My Heart-8/5/39,Marine Ballroom,Atlantic City
To You-7/31/39,Marine Ballroom,Atlantic City
I Poured My Heart Into A Song-7/13/39,Roseland Ballroom,New York
Here Comes The Night-8/31/39,New York World's Fair,Flushing,N.Y.
Let's Disappear-7/31/39,Marine Ballroom,Atlantic City
Can be found:CD HCD 263 Hindsight-Harry James And His Orchestra Featuring Frank Sinatra-All Or Nothing At All
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