Freddy Cole Interview

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Freddy Cole Interview

Postby Ozgun » Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:22 pm

I once sent e-mails to manager of Freddy Cole (Nat Kind Cole's brother) including 4 questions. He asked those questions to Freddy Cole and sent me the answers. The answers were quite short so I did not publish them on website. When my hard drive failed, I also lost all emails and that e-mail was also lost.

Just for information, I will post the questions here and the answers ( from my memory)

1)You have many great songs in your albums and repertoire that Frank Sinatra also sang, such as Angel Eyes, I’m a Fool to Want You, I Concentrate on You. Did Frank Sinatra’s versions cause any influence on you when choosing such songs, or was it other artists’ versions that you liked?
No, nothing influenced me when choosing the songs.
2)In your album released in 2005, you sang “This Love Of Mine” which also gave the album its name. Considering that This Love of Mine is a song written by Frank Sinatra himself, can you please share your opinions about this song and the story of how you chose it?
I liked the song and sang it.
3)Another song, There Are Such Things, was first performed by Frank Sinatra when he was working with Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Then many artists and you also have performed this song. How would you compare your version and young Frank Sinatra’s one? Did his version affected the way you sang the song, or can you say that yours was a completely Freddy Cole version, without any effect of Sinatra?
Nothing influenced my singing. I sing my own way.
4)My last question is, what do you think about Frank Sinatra in general, and if you have a memory about him, can you please share it?
Frank Sinatra was a good person.

The answers were really like this. I believe I had prepared very good questions for him, no mention of his brother, only about his work and thoughts on Sinatra, yet all the answers like this, no importance is given.

Want to keep this on forum only, as it was not worth publishing on site.
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