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A list of Frank Sinatra radio programs:

Coast to Coast CBS Twice a week beginning Oct.4,1942
Your Hit Parade CBS Saturdays 9:00 PM-Feb.27,1943 to Dec.30,1944
Broadway Bandbox CBS May 14,1943-Oct.17,1943
Songs by Sinatra CBS Oct.24,1943-Nov.1943
Vimms Vitamins CBS Nov.14,1943-Dec.25,1944
Max Factor CBS Jan.3,1945-May 23,1945
Old Gold CBS Sept.12,1945-June 4,1947
Lucky Strike NBC Sept.6,1947-May 1,1950
Tinthair CBS Nov.12,1950-Jan.1951
Rocky Fortune NBC Oct.6,1953-March 16,1954
To Be Perfectly Frank NBC Nov.27,1953-April,1955
The Bobbi Show NBC Dec.22,1954-May 25,1955
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