Important Dates

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Important Dates

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Here are some important dates in the Life of Frank Sinatra-

Dec.12,1915-Frank Sinatra is born
Sept 8,1935-Frank Sinatra appears on Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour
July 13,1939-first commercial recording with Harry James-"From The Bottom Of My Heart"
Feb.1,1940-first recording with Tommy Dorsey-"The Sky Fell Down".
June 7,1943-Frank Sinatra records "Close To You" for Columbia Records and is on his way of being called "THE VOICE".
April 1953-Sinatra signs with Capitol and makes some of the most important recordings in the history of American Popular Music.
March 25,1954-Sinatra wins an Academy Award for his performance in "From Here To Eternity".
Dec.,1961-Sinatra records his first album on his own label "REPRISE". "Ring-A-Ding-Ding"
Feb.25,1995-Sinatra performs live for the last time
May 14,1998-Frank Sinatra dies at the age of 82.He leaves behind a body of work unsurpassed in music.To this day people still collect and discuss his work.
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